Monday, October 24, 2011

Dining a la Mug Shot!

Bryan was out of town working for two weeks and when he came home our new dining room was waiting for him!  What a surprise!   I made the dining room table out of two wine racks from World Market and the table top was something I put together with supplies from Home Depot.  I took 3 long planks, connected them underneath with smaller pieces of wood, then stained the table top, weathered it with sandpaper and a screwdriver (there is probably a tool for that?) and finally laquered the entire top with 2 coats before applying it to the wine rack legs. For the lighting I took mason jars from Target and put small candles inside which I think look really neat all lit up on the shelves...also from Target!  The chairs are super cool and from IKEA...they even rock slightly which is a great little feature.  The painting is a Rylie Caldwell special and it certainly provided the shock value I was looking for when he walked in the door!  When I did the painting I thought it would be clever and a conversation piece.  I didn't plan on it looking like a cow mug shot!!  Haha...I laughed so hard hanging this up on the wall.  It will definitely be interesting to see what our guests have to say about it until we change it up!


  1. OH my GOSH!!! You are SO talented!!! Come redo my house :) So glad you have joined the blog world. I love you!

  2. Yay! My first comment! I didn't know you were blogging...can't wait to check out yours! XO!