Friday, November 11, 2011

Stationary for Grandma!

My grandmother is quite a special lady!  I have so many fond memories of sitting around the kitchen table with her and my sisters and her teaching us how to paint.  We usually painted in watercolor and always destroyed her brushes by making our trees by just smashing the brush onto the paper.  She was a good sport, never complaining much about her brushes and encouraged us onward in our creativity.  I remember looking so forward to her taking her special art bag out of her suitcase and showing me what she wanted us to paint.  Those are such special times in my memory.  I am grateful that she spent countless hours with us and found something so special to bond with my sisters and I over every visit. 

I attribute a lot of my love for art to my grandmother.  We are leaving today to visit my grandmother (Bryan's first visit to Grandma's!) and I made a special gift to give her on this visit.  Her mailbox is very unique and was built by my dad and his brother.  It arches out elegantly towards the street from the tree branch it rests on and always serves as a great welcome to her home.

I wanted to make her a unique gift and since she loves beautiful stationary (she has been known to cut and paste them just to reuse a beautiful card...haha) I thought a card with an ink drawing of her special mailbox would do just fine!  I created the drawing first and then printed the cards out with her name on them on cardstock paper and folded them.  I hope she will love her gift and remember our special times sitting around the table painting together each time she takes one out of the box!

See the original drawing here.

Please email me if you would like to have your own personalized stationary...I would love to create it for you!

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