Friday, February 3, 2012

Humbled by Home Renovation

Have you ever been searching for a specific item in your home so hard and so long that you begin to convince yourself that you can turn something you have found into the perfect solution?  This happened to me recently and I just have to share.  After Bryan and I got married we went through the process of selling pretty much everything we owned on Craigslist so we could start over and pick new things for our new house together!  Sounds like fun, right? was!  The only problem is that I could not find 2 accent chairs for our place that were both comfortable (for B) and looked great (for me). 

One Saturday we were out chair hunting and stumbled upon a furniture store that was going out of business.  There, in the lobby when we entered were two chairs.  Better yet, they were discounted by over HALF of their original price!  The only downfall was that the chairs were slightly....well...hideous.  After the months of searching online, at every store in the city, on Craigslist and everywhere else I could think of I was convinced that I had to make something work and THIS WAS IT!!! 

After convincing Bryan that I could "totally reupholster"...with a questioning look from the sales lady...we settled up and took home the chairs.

When we brought them inside we noticed right away that they were way bigger in our small living room than they were in the enormous sales warehouse.  They made our couches look tiny!  They were actually taller than our couch and didn't even match the aesthetic.  What was I thinking?! 

We had just bought them so I decided to try and make them work and visited a cool fabric store in Atlanta.  After browsing the aisles I realized that it would cost me a lot more to purchase the fabric for this reupholstery project than I had assumed...sigh...another harsh reality.  I left the store with a few samples and came home to research online how to reupholster.  After watching a few videos it was clear that this was going to be more complicated than I imagined...way out of my league!

Still hopeful, I called a reupholstery store to get pricing and the cost was going to be double what we had just paid for the chairs. 

I came out of my office and looked once again at what I thought was once a bargain.

Turned back around into my office and immediately posted them on Craigslist...haha.

Weeks go by, then months.  The price reductions are many and deep.  Finally, I realize that no one is crazy enough to buy these chairs.  We call a furniture donation company to come and pick them up and I must say I have never been so happy to get rid of a piece of furniture before!

Lessons learned:
1)  Avoid furniture store closing sales.
2)  I cannot reupholster.
3)  Measure existing furniture and have measurements with you before purchasing additional pieces.
4)  Never buy something you cannot return.
5)  When even the sales lady looks at you with may want to rethink your purchase.

And here they are folks....

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