Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday gifts!

This Christmas brought so many blessings and such an abundance of family time and special moments.  We were in Texas visiting my family this year and just had a wonderful visit!  I was thrilled to also be able to create two Christmas gifts for 'clients' and am posting the images below.  I was excited to do the portrait of one client and her daughter as a gift for her parents and was told they loved their gift!  The beach house drawing was a lot of fun to do as well and was a gift for my sister's in laws who have a new beach house that is currently under construction. Their original beach home was completely destroyed by a hurricane several years ago and so this has been an exciting new venture for them.  They loved it as well and even mentioned to my sister that they would like a similar drawing done of their original beach home so they can hang the drawings side by side...I love this idea!  I hope you like them! Feel free to contact me if you'd like a special drawing or piece of artwork! :)

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