Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Long time no blog!

Ok, sorry it has been so long since I have blogged!  Is it sad to say that I am finally recovered from the holidays and it's almost February?!  Hehe!

We have been busy around the house lately and I wanted to share a few projects!  I finally had a few photos from our wedding printed and used http://www.myphotopipe.com.  What a great website!  I was having a hard time finding a way to get prints made for a reasonable price to fit specific frames and this site was perfect.  Very easy and inexpensive!  I printed four 10X13 pics and framed them in our long hallway.  I think it looks great...minimalist, clean, but still pretty...just how I like it!

I tried about 10 times to get this pic to rotate but alas I cannot get it to turn...just tilt your head to the left...yes...that's it! :)

The next project I took on was to make a headboard!  Our bedroom is definitely lacking attention as far as our house goes and it was high time to give our bed an update.  I found an awesome curtain at Cost Plus World Market that I thought would pull the pillow colors and the colors of our IKEA rug all together well.  Bryan and I went to Home Depot and picked up a piece of wood (just inexpensive chip wood...our piece was only $6!).  It works out perfectly there because you can have it cut to exactly the size you need...love that!  Then I went to JoAnn's Fabrics and picked up padding (which was half off...YAY!) and a few buttons.  I brought everything home and laid the curtain out flat on the floor after ironing it.  Next I drilled 3 holes in the wood so I could "sew" the buttons through the backing and ensure that there was a puff of padding around the buttons and also attached two picture hanging thingies to the back.  Then I wrapped the wood with the padding and laid it on top of the curtain...careful to make sure the remaining fabric on either side of the wood was equal so the pattern would not be askew.  Then I used a staple gun to attach the curtain to the wood starting with the short sides first, then the long sides.  Make sure you pull the fabric taught and try to staple in the same place along the edge so the pattern won't get nutty.  Next up is the buttons!  I started in the back and used a needle and thread to go through the hole I previously drilled, pierce the fabric and then attach the button on the front.  I pulled it tight, inserted the need back into the front of the fabric and pulled it back through the hole in the back.  There was pretty much not way to go back to the front after the initial pull so I just made that single attempt very strong.  I attached the thread to the two hanging thingies and a screw that I added just above the hole on the back.  It sounds confusing but it was really somewhat easy!  Last of all is hanging it on the wall and Voila!

I was so proud!
After removing all of our Christmas decor (so sad) our house looked a little barren!  I, of course, was able to remedy this with a trip to IKEA and Home Goods. :) 

Ok...this is going to be a problem...does anyone know how to turn these pics??

I am loving having a home that I can decorate and make changes to!  Our love nest is starting to feel more homey with every trip to Home Depot I make!  My husband is a doll and always willing to help me with my ideas...he's the best!

And what a stud muffin...whew!! 

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